Mineral Wells veterinarians

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Finding a veterinarian in Mineral Wells

This directory of veterinarians in Mineral Wells contains animal doctors and Mineral Wells animal hospitals for veterinarian medicine. It provides a good starting point for finding a Mineral Wells vet, including a holistic veterinarian.

Some vets are better with one type of pet over another or some personalities over others. You want a vet whose personality works well with you and your animal. Other sources of recommendations for Mineral Wells veterinarians includes dog breeders or the local animal shelter, friends who have pets, or animal obedience trainers. Ask those that you know take good care of their pets and you will likely get the best recommendations.

One of the first questions you should ask is whether this Mineral Wells vet is available in emergencies, and if so, how can you contact him. If he is not available, does he have a suggestion for emergency care? It may be that your area has an emergency animal hospital nearby. It is critically important to have this information on hand in an emergency when minutes may count.

The best way to find a good veterinarian is to ask people who have the same approach to pet care as you. Start with a recommendation from a friend, neighbor, animal shelter worker, dog trainer, groomer, boarding kennel employee, or pet sitter.

No one likes to discuss money up-front, but it may be an important consideration as well. Ask the veterinarian for routine services like check-ups or vaccinations. Does he accept major credit cards? Will he allow you to make payments if your pet requires an expensive surgery or treatment?

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Brazos Animal Hospital
801 E Hubbard St
Tel: (940) 325-2273
Mineral Wells Veterinary Clinic
3400 S Highway 281
Tel: (940) 325-3411

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